Monday, December 27, 2010

waiting on Justin....

The nephews and I have made up a new song. It's called "Waiting on Justin". The tune can be anything you want and the words change according to whatever task it is that you are trying to do but can't because, you guessed it, we are waiting on Justin. It's catching on and will soon be a big hit amongst the 7 people that live in my town. We are always waiting on Justin to wake up. He works pretty early so I can't give him too much crap but that boy can sleep. He also is a very heavy sleeper, that is unless the task you need to do is, say, vaccuum the room he's in, then he wakes up to a sneeze. I love my husband but if you have ever met me, you know how much I love waiting. This is very annoying to me. So, I made a joke out of it by the song. This is my form of release. That and we recently purchased a punching bag...... : ) Holla if you hear me....I couldn't resist.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm back!

Thanks to Tammy I have come back from the dead. I had no idea how to do anything on this blog but she has explained it to me. Well, I'm not promising continual posts but at least I know how now. :) I will write again when I actually have something exciting to post!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A few pictures.....

                             Justin didn't get the "Smile" memo.

      What did you say?!? You want to repeat that? This is not a toy I'm holding, please just tempt me!

                         Me after riding in the back of the truck. =)

Your gym dollars at work.

"Now everybody, bend down to be Holly's size. We don't want any height discrimination here....."

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My first post!

My redneckedness comes to me from my father-that my husband
& I live with, in Louisiana. My sister and her family live not far away, and my nephews are frequent visitors to our chaotic home. We have a typical southern haunted house, and the required abandoned car out in the driveway. Just to spice things up, we threw in some fishing poles leaning up against the house. Our outdoor seating consists of the back seat of the abandoned car, as well as an old toilet-formerly a resident of our home. This plush, comfy seating provides us front row seats to our very own petting Zoo. We also sit here while observing the target practice that we do, when we can afford the bullets.

We get rides to the gym in the back of a rusty old pick-up that provides ample wind "redneck air conditioning", to aid in the cooling off of the sweaty, rank, gym bodies.

I added deer meat to hamburger helper, and made a delicious cobbler made from berries picked from the yard. Walmart is my favorite hang out spot, and I love "half price drinks" from Sonic. I would think my life was sad, if it weren't for all the entertainment provided by such things. A far cry from the shopping trips to Nordstroms, and dining at The Cheesecake Factory. Life is different, but I am enjoying it.